Biggest Fish Caught in Minnesota by Species

The following is a listing of the record size fish caught in Minnesota, by species. At this time, only those fish caught by hook and line are eligible for a Minnesota State record. Fish caught by bow and arrow, by net, or other means are not included in the State records. (updated: 06/02/2016). Tweet This Page

State Record by SpeciesWeightLength (in)Girth (in)Where CaughtCountyRecord Date
Bass, Largemouth8 lb 15 oz23 1/217 1/2Auburn LakeCarver10/5/2005
Bass, Rock (tie)2 lb 0 oz13 1/212 1/2Lake OsakisTodd5/10/1998
Bass, Rock (tie)2 lb 0 oz12 5/812 3/8Lake WinnibigoshishCass8/30/2004
Bass, Smallmouth8 lb 0 ozno datano dataWest Battle LakeOtter Tail1948
Bass, White4 lb 2 oz18 1/215Mississippi River Pool 5Wabasha5/4/2004
Bowfin12 lb 9 oz31 1/218Mississippi RiverWabasha9/14/2012
Buffalo, Bigmouth41 lb 11 oz38 3/829 1/2Mississippi River Pool 4Goodhue5/7/1991
Buffalo, Black20 lb 0 oz34 1/820Minnesota RiverNicollet6/26/1997
Buffalo, Smallmouth20 lb 0 oz3223 3/4Big SandyAitkin9/20/2003
Bullhead, Black3 lb 13 oz17 1/814 7/8Reno LakePope6/8/1997
Bullhead, Brown7 lb 1 oz24 3/8no dataShallow LakeItasca5/21/1974
Bullhead, Yellow3 lb 10 oz17 7/811 3/4Osakis LakeTodd8/5/2002
Burbot (Eelpout)19 lb 8 oz36 1/224Lake of the Woods near WilliamsLake of the Woods2/24/2012
Carp, Common55 lb 5 oz4231Clearwater LakeWright7/10/1952
Carpsucker, Quillback7 lb 4 oz22 5/818Upper Red LakeBeltrami8/9/2010
Carpsucker, River4 lb 6 oz21 5/816Minnesota RiverCarver11/19/2012
Catfish, Channel38 lb 0 oz44no dataMississippi RiverHennepin1975
Catfish, Flathead70 lb 0 ozno datano dataSt. Croix RiverWashington1970
Crappie, Black5 lb 0 oz21no dataVermillion RiverDakota1940
Crappie, White3 lb 15 oz1816Lake ConstanceWright7/28/2002
Drum, Freshwater (Sheepshead)35 lb 3 oz3631Mississippi River near WinonaWinona10/5/1999
Eel, American6 lb 9 oz4214St. Croix River near StillwaterWashington8/8/1997
Gar, Longnose16 lb 12 oz5316 1/2St. Croix River near PrescottWashington5/4/1982
Gar, Shortnose4 lb 9 oz34 1/210Mississippi RiverHennepin7/22/1984
Hogsucker, Northern1 lb 15 oz14 1/47 1/8Sunrise River near SunriseChisago8/16/1982
Mooneye1 lb 15 oz16 1/29 3/4Minnesota RiverRedwood6/18/1980
Mooneye, Goldeye2 lb 13 oz2011 1/2Root River near HokahHouston6/10/2001
Muskellunge54 lb 0 oz5627 3/4Lake WinnibigoshishItasca1957
Muskellunge, Tiger34 lb 12 oz5122 1/2Lake ElmoWashington7/7/1999
Perch, Yellow3 lb 4 ozno datano dataLake PlantagenetHubbard1945
Pike, Northern45 lb 12 ozno datano dataBasswood LakeLake5/16/1929
Redhorse, Golden4 lb 1 oz20 3/412 3/4Root RiverFillmore5/8/2015
Redhorse, Greater12 lb 11.5 oz28 1/218 1/2Sauk RiverStearns Wing5/20/2005
Redhorse, River12 lb 10 oz28 3/820Kettle RiverPine5/20/2005
Redhorse, Shorthead7 lb 15 oz2715Rum River near RamseyAnoka8/5/1983
Redhorse, Silver9 lb 15 oz26 1/216 7/8Big Fork RiverKoochiching4/16/2004
Salmon, Atlantic12 lb 13 oz35 1/216 1/2Baptism RiverLake10/12/1991
Salmon, Chinook (King) (tie)33 lb 4 oz44 3/425 3/4Poplar RiverCook9/23/1989
Salmon, Chinook (King) (tie)33 lb 4 oz42 1/426 1/8Lake SuperiorSt.Louis10/12/1989
Salmon, Coho10 lb 6 oz27 3/8no dataLake Superior near Baptism RiverLake11/7/1970
Salmon, Kokanee2 lb 15 oz2011 1/2Caribou LakeItasca8/6/1971
Salmon, Pink4 lb 8 oz23 1/213 1/8Cascade RiverCook9/9/1989
Sauger6 lb 2 oz23 7/815Mississippi River near Red Wing (L&D No.3)Goodhue5/23/1988
Saugeye, Walleye x Sauger Hybrid9 lb 13 oz2717 3/4Mississippi River near Red WingGoodhue3/20/1999
Sturgeon, Lake94 lb 4 oz7026 1/2Kettle RiverPine9/5/1994
Sturgeon, Shovelnose6 lb 7 oz3313 3/4Mississippi River near Red WingGoodhue2/19/2012
Sucker, Blue14 lb 3 oz30 3/820 1/4Mississippi River near AlmaWabasha2/28/1987
Sucker, Longnose3 lb 10 oz2110 1/4Brule RiverCook5/19/2005
Sucker, White9 lb 1 oz24 1/416 1/4Big Fish LakeStearns5/1/1983
Sunfish, Bluegill2 lb 13 ozno datano dataAlice LakeHubbard1948
Sunfish, Green1 lb 4 oz10 1/410 5/8North Arbor LakeHennepin6/14/2005
Sunfish, Hybrid (Bluegill X Green Sunfish)1 lb 12 oz11 1/212Middle Branch of the Zumbro RiverOlmsted7/9/1994
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed1 lb 5 oz1012 1/8Leech LakeCass6/6/1999
Trout, Brook6 lb 5 oz2414 1/2Pigeon RiverCook9/2/2000
Trout, Brown16 lb 12 oz31 3/820 1/2Lake SuperiorSt. Louis6/23/1989
Trout, Lake43 lb 8 ozno datano dataLake Superior near HovlandCook5/30/1955
Trout, Rainbow (Steelhead)16 lb 6 oz3319 1/2Devil Track RiverCook4/27/1980
Trout, Splake (Brook x Lake Trout Hybrid)13 lb 5 oz33 1/219Larson LakeItasca2/11/2001
Trout, Tiger2 lb 9 oz209 5/8Mill CreekOlmsted8/7/1999
Tullibee (Cisco)5 lb 13 oz20 3/416 3/4Sybil LakeOtter Tail3/9/2015
Walleye17 lb 8 oz35 4/521 1/3Seagull River at Saganaga LakeCook5/13/1979
Warmouth9 oz8 3/48Pool 6 Bartlet LakeWinona12/23/2011
Whitefish, Lake12 lb 4 oz28 1/220Leech Lake near WalkerCass3/21/1999
Whitefish, Menominee (Round)2 lb 7 oz219Lake SuperiorCook4/27/1987

Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


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