This is a listing of the Minnesota State Symbols and the year that they were officially adopted by the Minnesota State Legislature.

The following is a listing of proposed Minnesota State Symbols that have not yet been officially adopted by the Minnesota State Legislature.

Additional Minnesota Facts and Stats:

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    1. There have been many animals or mammals proposed for the State Animal/Mammal (including deer, bear, wolf) but nothing has been official adopted by the Minnesota Legislature.

  1. Hi. I believe there is a Minnesota Official State Photograph, “Old Man Praying” with his hands folded sitting at the table. I think it was someone in Bovey, MN that took the picture. Marilyn Carrigan
    P.S. I taught MN History for 34 years at Truman Public School in Truman. I retired in 2005 and it was a few years before that the legislature passed it. The picture is famous nationwide.

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