Many nationally recognized films have been made in Minnesota. There are also films where the storyline was based in Minnesota, but filmed elsewhere. This is a listing of films that were filmed in Minnesota, or where Minnesota is highlighted in the storyline.

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  1. Also have you heard of You’ll Like My Mother? It was filmed mostly in the Congdon mansion in Duluth, MN. It has Patty Duke & Richard Thomas in it and cam eout in 1972.

  2. I don’t know how much of this was in the Twin Cities, but “Slaughterhouse Five” from 1972 had a chase scene in it that was filmed near North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN. (border of Robbinsdale and No. MPLS.) The cars were driving on and around the overpass of (then) Broadway/HWY 52 (now HWY 81) over Lowry Ave. N. This may have been the only part filmed in MN.

  3. What about Catch Me If You Can from the late 80’s? It was filmed entirely in the Saint Cloud area.

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